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Technical configuration

To associate your web application with the Channel you have created, enter the required technical information on the Channel Console. If you do not have an existing app, see Try LINE Login on your web application to learn more about how to use our LINE Login sample app.

Opening the technical configuration page

To open the technical configuration page from the Channel Console, follow the steps below.

Open the technical configuration page


Select the Channel you want to configure.



Click Technical configuration.



Click EDIT at the bottom of the page.


Entering technical information

Fill in the following information for your website.

Field Description
Callback URL List of one or more URLs which the user is redirected to after authorization. Use a line delimiter to register two or more URLs.
Example: https://sample.com/auth


After entering the required technical information, click SAVE at the bottom of the page. These settings will take effect immediately.

Next steps

Now that you have entered the required technical information of your app, continue to Integrate LINE Login into your web application.