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The LINE Platform offers a system to integrate desktop and mobile websites with LINE. This section explains how to integrate your website with LINE.

Login types

The LINE Platform provides several ways to log in with a LINE account:

  • Log in with the LINE app for smartphone apps
  • Log in on any desktop or mobile website

The LINE Platform gives you the ability to use LINE Login for both smartphone apps and websites.

Login for smartphone apps

Android and iOS apps can delegate the task of authenticating users to the LINE app installed on the device. Users do not need to enter their email address and password because they are already logged in to LINE. This is a big benefit for users.

You can use the LINE SDK for Android or iOS to apply this login feature. See the following pages for more information:

Web Login

The LINE Platform provides login features for websites. The user authentication and authorization procedure resembles the OAuth 2.0 Authorization Code Grant flow. Web Login can be used for both desktop and mobile web environments.

This section describes how to use Web Login.

Available features

You can integrate LINE features into your website.

User authentication

You can use LINE’s user authentication to make your website personalized for your users.

Calling APIs

During user authentication, your client program retrieves an access token to call APIs.

Developing your website

To integrate your website with Web Login, follow the steps below:

Integrate Web Login


Create a Channel for your website.
Creating a Channel Technical configuration


Integrate LINE’s user authentication process into your website.
Developing for Web Login


Use REST APIs from your website.
API reference