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LINE official account

LINE official accounts give companies access to various features to better engage with users. Using Business Connect with your official account lets you provide an even more interactive experience for your customers through our APIs.


Official account features

Official accounts let you share content and connect with users who add your account as a friend. Below are some of the things that you can do with an official account.

  • Send messages to all friends of your official account
  • Post content to users’ Timelines
  • Send rich messages with multiple images and links
  • Provide a rich menu for your users to easily interact with your official account
  • Automatically reply to users with preset messages based on keywords

For more detailed information on official accounts, see LINE official accounts on the LINE Partner site.


Business Connect

Business Connect is a feature available to LINE official accounts which gives you access to APIs to interact with your users on a one-on-one basis. The following are some of the things that you can do with Business Connect.

  • Send and receive messages from individual users
  • Send rich messages which contain images and links
  • Send link messages with a thumbnail and a link
  • Send mission stickers which are stickers that a user can download after completing a task such as adding your official account as a friend.
  • Use the Channel Web Application feature to let users browse your site directly from the LINE app.

Getting started

Getting started with Business Connect


Submit a partnership proposal for a LINE official account with the Business Connect feature. Your account will be created once your proposal is reviewed and approved.


Start developing using the available APIs by going to Getting started with Business Connect.


Business Connect Terms and Conditions

Name File
Basic Terms and Conditions of LINE services Japanese | English
Specific Terms and Conditions for official accounts Japanese | English
Specific Terms and Conditions for Business Connect Japanese | English