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Technical configuration

To associate your iOS app with the Channel you have created, enter the required technical information on the Channel Console. If you do not have an existing app, see Try LINE Login on iOS to learn more about the LINE Login starter app for iOS.

Opening the technical configuration page

To open the technical configuration page from the Channel Console, follow the steps below.

Open the technical configuration page


Select the Channel you want to configure.



Click Technical configuration.



Click EDIT at the bottom of the page.


Entering technical information

Fill in the following fields for your iOS app.

Field Description
iOS Bundle ID Bundle identifier of your app. You can get this from the “General” tab in your Xcode project settings. Must be in lowercase. For example, “com.example.app”. It is possible to specify multiple bundle identifiers by entering each one on a new line.
iOS Scheme Set as “line3rdp.” followed by the bundle identifier. For example, if your bundle identifier is “com.example.app”, set the iOS scheme as “line3rdp.com.example.app”. You may only specify one iOS scheme.


After filling out all the fields, click SAVE at the bottom of this page. These settings will take effect immediately.

Next steps

Now that you have entered the required technical information of your app, continue to Integrate LINE Login on iOS.