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Frequently asked questions

Using the LINE Platform

What can I do with LINE Login?

With LINE Login, you can retrieve the IDs, names, profile image URLs, and status messages of your users.

How do I report an issue with the platform?

You can fill in a report here. Please note that we don’t provide technical support for LINE Login and BOT API Trial.

Messaging API

Why can’t I invite my bot to a group or a room?

In the LINE@ Manager, go to Settings > Bot Settings > Details and make sure you have selected Allow for the “Allow bot to join group chats” item. Also note that only one bot can be in a group chat at one time. You cannot invite a bot to join a group or room which already has a bot.

Can I get the user IDs of the users in a group or a room?

No, we haven’t provided a way of getting the user IDs of the individual members of a group or room.

Can I get the name and profile image of a group?

No, we haven’t provided a way of getting detailed information for groups.

Channel Console

Why do I get an error saying that my LINE account doesn’t have the necessary role?

This indicates that your account only has the DEVELOPER role. You must have the CHANNEL_EDITOR role to log in to the Channel Console. To obtain the CHANNEL_EDITOR role, ask a user with either the CHANNEL_CREATOR or CHANNEL_EDITOR role to assign you the CHANNEL_EDITOR role.

Why can’t I select other permissions?

In LINE Login, you are only allowed to use the PROFILE permission.

Where can I download the SDK?

The SDK can be downloaded from the Channel Console. To access the download page, submit a Channel registration request with the NATIVE_APP application type. Once you’ve submitted the request, you’ll see a Download SDK link on the Channel Console.

Developing your app

Why can’t I log in to my app?

You may not have the required credentials to log in. Check the Roles page on the Channel Console to see a list of users and their roles. Only users with the CHANNEL_EDITOR or DEVELOPER role can log in while your Channel is in the DEVELOPING stage.

How can other team members log in to my app during development?

In the Channel Console, go to the Roles page to add team members to your Channel. Once they are added to the Channel, they will be able to log in to your app.

How do I use the LINE Login button?

To use the LINE Login button, follow the guidelines on the LINE Login button page.

Where can I get technical support?

Technical support is not currently available for LINE Login and BOT API Trial. Business partners can contact their LINE representative for technical support.

Why does an NLChannelGatewayErrorDomain error occur when I try to use LINE Login in my application?

NLChannelGatewayErrorDomain errors (for example, “NLChannelGatewayErrorDomain Error 102”) can occur if there are incorrect or missing settings in the Channel Console.

If your iOS application is getting this error, you should confirm the following items:

  • The iOS bundle ID is registered in the “Technical Information” section of the Channel Console
  • The iOS URL scheme is registered in the “Technical Information” section of the Channel Console
  • The LINE account that you are using to log in is registered in the “Roles” section of the Channel Console


How can I get the latest information about LINE Developers?

The LINE Developers official account provides you with the latest updates on the LINE Platform. By adding the official account to your friend list, you’ll receive information on documentation updates, SDK releases, specification changes and more. To add the LINE Developers official account to your friend list, scan the QR code or if you are using a smartphone, tap the “Add Friends” button below.

Friends Added

How are the URL previews in chats and on Timeline generated?

LINE uses Open Graph tags from websites to generate URL previews.

Open Graph tags used by LINE:

# Open Graph tag Example
1 og:image <meta property=”og:image” content=”http://static.naver.jp/line_lp/img/ogp.png”>
2 og:title <meta property=”og:title” content=”LINE : Free Calls & Messages”>
3 og:description <meta property=”og:description” content=”LINE is a new communication app which allows you to make FREE voice calls and send FREE messages whenever and wherever you are, 24 hours a day!”>

Examples of URL previews

  • URL preview in a chat
  • URL preview on Timeline

How do I check whether a userId and mid belong to the same user?

If you have integrated your application using LINE Login v1 and want to migrate to v2, you’ll find that users are identified using userId in v2 instead of mid in v1. Although we do not provide an API for checking whether an mid and userId belong to the same user, it is possible for you to check using an access token retrieved from LINE Login and the v1 and v2 profile endpoints by following the steps below

  1. Get an access token using LINE Login
  2. Call the /v1/profile endpoint to get the user’s mid
    Getting user profile (v1)
  3. Call the /v2/profile endpoint to get the user’s userId
    Getting user profile (v2)
  4. Map the user’s mid to the userId

Note: All versions of the LINE SDK (Android/iOS) from 4.0.0 and above use “v2”. All versions below 4.0.0 use “v1”.