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The maximum number of rich menus has been increased

Now you can set up to 1000 rich menus for one bot with the Messaging API. The previous maximum number was was 10.

For more information about rich menus, see Using rich menus.

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Property for accessibility released

Now you can specify text to be spoken using the label property for imagemap messages and rich menus when the accessibility feature is enabled on the client device. This feature is supported on LINE iOS version 8.2.0 and later.

For more information, see the updated reference documentation below.

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Specification change for rich menu resources

We've made changes to the response of the rich menu resources of the Messaging API listed below. When sending a request to delete or upload a rich menu or to link or unlink a rich menu for a user, the LINE Platform will now return a 200 status code and an empty JSON object on success instead of returning only a 200 status code.

See the updated API reference documentation below.

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Rich menu features for Messaging API released

We've released rich menu features for the Messaging API which lets you display different rich menus to different users. By using the newly released rich menu endpoints, you can create, link, and manage your rich menus programmatically via the API instead of using the LINE@ Manager. The rich menu endpoints provide greater freedom in designing rich menus and the ability to set postback actions to specified areas.

In addition to the current rich menu size of 2500x1686 on the LINE@ Manager, you can now create smaller rich menus that are 2500x843 with the Messaging API. This smaller rich menu size lets you display more of the chat screen while still providing an interactive menu for the user.

Both rich menus created using the LINE@ Manager and the Messaging API are supported and can be used at the same time.

Note: These rich menu features are only supported on LINE Android and iOS versions 7.14.0 and above.

For more information on how to use the new rich menu features, see the following pages.