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LINE Bot SDK for Node.js released

We have released the LINE Bot SDK for Node.js. This makes it easier for you to to build a bot on LINE with Node.js using the Messaging API.

See the LINE Bot SDK repository below.

For more information on how to use the LINE Bot SDK for Node.js, see the documentation.

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Multicast feature released

We've released the multicast feature which lets you send messages to multiple users at any time.

See the updated documentation in the API reference below.

We will continue to provide improvements so that developers can code more easily.

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Messaging API released and LINE Developers documentation updated

We've made some updates to the LINE Developers website. We've added new documentation together with the release of the Messaging API. Our API reference documentation has also been updated and redesigned. And we've made a couple of branding changes as well.

For more detailed information about the changes, see below:

  • Added "Overview", "Getting started", and API reference documentation for the Messaging API. For more information, see Messaging API.
  • Changed the look of the API reference documentation. See the new documentation here: API reference.
  • Made the following branding changes:
    • Web API includes the APIs used for integrating Web Login with your websites.
    • Social REST API includes REST APIs that you can call from your applications.
    • LINE Login, Android SDK, iOS SDK, Web API, and Social REST API are included in Social API
  • Added information on LINE official accounts and LINE@ accounts in "Account types".

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Sending rich messages section updated

The "Sending rich messages" section of the LINE Developers site has been updated to include information about the "sendMessage" feature of rich messages. For more information, go to

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List of stickers updated

Sticker images have been added to the sticker list which will allow developers to easily recognize the sticker ID.

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Method for calling APIs for BOT API Trial changed

You are no longer required to register the IP address of your server to call APIs for BOT API Trial. If you register an IP address on the whitelist, API calls will be limited to that IP address. You can use the whitelist for security purposes.

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Let's Encrypt and StartSSL CA has been added

SSL CA root certificates for Let's Encrypt and StartSSL have been added for BOT API callback URL.

See the "Note" in the Registering a callback URL section to find a link to the full list of authorized CAs.