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New permission to get users' email address released

Now you can request users who log in using LINE Login to grant your app the permission to get their email address. To do so, you first need to apply for the permission in the console.

For more information, see the sections below in Integrating LINE Login with your web app.

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LINE Login v1 to be discontinued

Note: This notice only applies to LINE Login v1 users. These changes do not apply if you are using the latest v2.1 or v2 endpoints.

Starting from March 31, 2018 we will start terminating LINE Login V1 endpoints. Please see the following schedule on the termination date for each endpoint. After an endpoint is terminated, any access to it will result in a 4XX status code as a response.

Endpoints terminating on March 31, 2018
  • Issue access token:
Endpoints terminating on April 30, 2018
  • Get user profile:
  • Logout:
Endpoints terminating on June 30, 2018
  • Verify access token:
  • API endpoints for the LINE SDK for iOS and Android version 3.x or earlier

To avoid any issue related to the termination of LINE Login V1, please make sure to update your service to the latest LINE Login version. Please see the following page for more details on the latest LINE Login version.

Social API overview

Please also notice that the LINE user identifier is different between LINE Login V1 and LINE Login V2 or higher. If you are using the V1 user identifier on your service, you will need to convert the user identifier to use the latest LINE Login version. Please see the following page for more details on how to convert the LINE user identifier.

Converting an MID to a user ID

If you are a partner, we will contact you individually for more details.

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New article on converting an MID to a user ID

Users are identified using a user ID in LINE Login v2 or later instead of an MID in v1. If you have integrated LINE Login v1 into your app and want to migrate it to v2 or later, you need to convert MIDs to user IDs.

For more information, see Converting an MID to a user ID.

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LINE Login v1 to be discontinued

Note: This notice only applies to LINE Login v1 users. These changes do not apply if you are using the latest v2.1 or v2 endpoints.

We will be discontinuing the LINE Login v1 endpoints listed below on March 31, 2018. Once these endpoints are discontinued, a 4xx status code and error message will be returned.

  • Access token endpoint:
  • Verify endpoint:
  • Profile endpoint:
  • Logout endpoint:

Also note that iOS and Android SDK versions 3.x.x and below will no longer work after LINE Login v1 is discontinued.

If you are currently using LINE Login v1, we highly recommend updating your app to the latest version of LINE Login as soon as possible to avoid any issues when LINE Login v1 is discontinued. For information on the latest version of LINE Login, see the following pages.

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LINE URL scheme information released

We've added an article about the LINE URL scheme to our LINE Login and Messaging API documentation. You can use the URL schemes to help your users navigate to specific content such as the camera, location, or settings screens in the LINE app. The LINE URL scheme can be used in your bot (Messaging API) from within the LINE app or in your native or web apps to automatically open the LINE app.

See the new articles below.

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LINE Login and Messaging API glossaries

To help you better understand the terms and concepts used in our documentation, we've added glossaries for both LINE Login and Messaging API.

Check them out using the links below.

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Notice about LINE Login service outage (resolved)

This is a notice to inform you about a recent service outage for LINE Login. The issue has now been resolved but we apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused.

Date and time

Date: October 16, 2017
Time: 16:30–17:36 JST (GMT+9)


Issue with our servers.


During the date and time stated above, certain channels may have received the following error when making an API call to retrieve an access token.

{"error":"invalid_grant","error_description":"authorization code expired or incompatible"}

We will continue to improve the quality of the services we provide to our developers and we greatly appreciate your understanding.

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LINE Login v2.1 released

We have released LINE Login v2.1 which provides new features to make it easier for you to implement a login feature to your application. The new version adds support for the OpenID Connect 1.0 specification which is an identity layer on top of OAuth 2.0.

Here are some of the key changes.

ID tokens

With LINE Login 2.1, you'll be able to get ID tokens which contain user profile information when you retrieve the access token. This means that you no longer need to send a separate request to retrieve a user's profile information.

For more information, see ID tokens.

Login sessions

In version 2.1, when users are redirected to the authorization endpoint, we'll be able to check the login session to determine if the user is logged in to LINE or not. If users are logged in to LINE and their browsing session is valid, they will not be required to enter their email and passwords to log in.

For more information, see Authentication and authorization process.

Updated endpoints

We have updated our authorization endpoints where you can use the new version 2.1 features. You can find more detailed information on the following pages.

Note: You'll still be able to use our LINE Login v2 endpoints.

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Changes to the LINE Login review criteria

The LINE Login review criteria has been modified. Up until now, a review was required to change the status of LINE Login channels from "developing" to "published". However, from now on, LINE Login channels created on the LINE Business Center will automatically have the "published" status.

For existing LINE Login channels, you will be able to change the status to "published" from the Channel Console without a review.

Note that the LINE Login review criteria may change at a later date upon the release of new APIs or features. You should also make sure that your app complies with the LINE Login Button Usage Guidelines and LINE Developers Agreement.