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New article on sharing bots

We've added a new article on how you can gain more friends and expand the reach of your bot. For example, you can use a QR code, add an "Add friend" button, or link your bot with a LINE Login channel.

Check out the article at Sharing your bot with users.

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Search feature released on website

We've added a new search feature to our site to make it easier for you to find the information you want. You can now search all of our content in the Products, Documentation, FAQ, and API Expert sections of the site from the search bar found at the top of the side menu.

Search bar

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LINE Login v1 to be discontinued

Note: This notice only applies to LINE Login v1 users. These changes do not apply if you are using the latest v2.1 or v2 endpoints.

We will be discontinuing the LINE Login v1 endpoints listed below on March 31, 2018. Once these endpoints are discontinued, a 4xx status code and error message will be returned.

  • Access token endpoint:
  • Verify endpoint:
  • Profile endpoint:
  • Logout endpoint:

Also note that iOS and Android SDK versions 3.x.x and below will no longer work after LINE Login v1 is discontinued.

If you are currently using LINE Login v1, we highly recommend updating your app to the latest version of LINE Login as soon as possible to avoid any issues when LINE Login v1 is discontinued. For information on the latest version of LINE Login, see the following pages.

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New options for template message images

We have released imageAspectRatio, imageSize, and imageBackgroundColor fields for Buttons and Carousel template messages. Using these fields, you can configure the aspect ratio, size, and background color for images used in template messages. For more information, see the reference documentation below.

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LINE URL scheme information released

We've added an article about the LINE URL scheme to our LINE Login and Messaging API documentation. You can use the URL schemes to help your users navigate to specific content such as the camera, location, or settings screens in the LINE app. The LINE URL scheme can be used in your bot (Messaging API) from within the LINE app or in your native or web apps to automatically open the LINE app.

See the new articles below.

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LINE Login and Messaging API glossaries

To help you better understand the terms and concepts used in our documentation, we've added glossaries for both LINE Login and Messaging API.

Check them out using the links below.

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  • Rich menu

Specification change for rich menu resources

We've made changes to the response of the rich menu resources of the Messaging API listed below. When sending a request to delete or upload a rich menu or to link or unlink a rich menu for a user, the LINE Platform will now return a 200 status code and an empty JSON object on success instead of returning only a 200 status code.

See the updated API reference documentation below.

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LINE API Expert program released

We have released the new "LINE API Expert" program which was announced at LINE Developer Day 2017. This program recognizes skilled engineers, who have a deep understanding of the various APIs provided by LINE and are active in the community, by giving them the title of "LINE API expert." To apply for the program, visit the LINE API Expert page.

The kind of "experts" we are looking for

We expect the following three things of the LINE API experts who represent this program.

  • A discerning eye and high overall technical abilities as an engineer
  • Deep understanding and development experience with developer APIs/SDKs provided by LINE
  • Active engagement in the developer community

Incentives await

Everyone recognized as a LINE API expert is a valuable partner to LINE and we will provide various incentives to support the activities of our experts. Below are some examples.

  • We will provide LINE API experts with early-access to LINE developer products and will provide opportunities to give feedback directly to our LINE development teams and CTO.
  • We will provide venues for seminars and hackathons and dispatch evangelists and engineer support staff.

For more information about the incentives, see the LINE API Expert page.

Accepting invitations now!

Although applications will be screened, there are no specific requirements necessary for applying. We are looking forward to your applications and to working together with engineers who are eager to be leaders in the LINE developer community and are striving to reach their next step as developers.

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Column objects for template messages increased

We've increased the number of column objects that you can include in your carousel and image carousel template messages from 5 to 10 objects.

For more information, see the updated reference documentation below.