• Media

Do audio files have to use the M4A file extension?

Only M4A files are supported on the Messaging API. If a service only supports MP3 files, you can use a service like FFmpeg to convert the files to M4A.

  • Help

How can I get technical support?

We only provide technical support for our enterprise customers (partners). For information on becoming a partner, please see the LINE Partner website. Partners can contact their LINE representative for support.

  • Versions

How do I check whether a user ID and MID belong to the same user?

If you have integrated your application using LINE Login v1 and want to migrate to v2, you’ll find that users are identified using a user ID in v2 instead of an MID in v1. Although we do not provide an API for checking whether an MID and a user ID belong to the same user, it is possible for you to check using an access token retrieved from LINE Login and the v1 and v2 profile endpoints by following the steps below.

  1. Get an access token using LINE Login
  2. Call the /v1/profile endpoint to get the user’s mid
    (See the Getting user profile (v1) reference below.)
  3. Call the /v2/profile endpoint to get the user’s userId
    (See the Getting user profile (v2) reference.)
  4. Map the user’s mid to the userId

Note: All versions of the LINE SDK (Android/iOS) from 4.0.0 and above use “v2”. All versions below 4.0.0 use “v1”.

Getting user profiles (v1)

The Profile API lets you retrieve the profile information of users.
  • Access token with PROFILE permission issued.
This API provides the following object that contains the user’s profile.
Property Description
displayName User’s nickname.
mid User’s ID.
pictureUrl User’s profile image URL.
statusMessage User’s status message. Not included in the object if the user has not created a status message.

HTTP method GET
Endpoint URL https://api.line.me/v1/profile
(Deprecated) https://channel-apis.line.naver.jp/v1/profile
Required request header Authorization: Bearer access token
(Deprecated) X-Line-ChannelToken: Access token

  "statusMessage":"Hello, LINE!"
  • Console

How do I get a new channel access token?

To get a new channel access token, click the "Issue" button on the "Channel settings" page in the console.

  • Channel access token

What is a short-lived channel access token?

A short-lived channel access token is an access token for the Messaging API that is valid for 30 days.

You do not need to use short-lived channel access tokens that are issued using the /v2/oauth/accessToken endpoint. Instead you can use a long-lived channel access token that is issued from the "Channel settings" page of the console. New long-lived tokens can be issued at any time from the console.

Short-lived tokens are only required for users using a LINE@ "Pro" plan or an official account.

Note: LINE@ "Pro" plans are only available in certain regions. For more information on the LINE@ plans available in your region, see LINE@ plans.

  • SDK

How do I download the LINE SDK?

You can download the LINE SDK for Android or iOS from the downloads page.

  • Media

How are the URL previews in chats and on Timeline generated?

LINE uses Open Graph tags from websites to generate URL previews.

Open Graph tags used by LINE:

# Open Graph tag Example
1 og:image <meta property=”og:image” content=”http://static.naver.jp/line_lp/img/ogp.png”>
2 og:title <meta property=”og:title” content=”LINE : Free Calls & Messages”>
3 og:description <meta property=”og:description” content=”LINE is a new communication app”>

Examples of URL previews

  • URL preview in a chat

URL preview in chat

  • URL preview on Timeline

URL preview in Timeline

  • Beacon

How can I use LINE Beacon with my bot?

You can configure LINE Beacon with your bot through the beacon configuration page on the LINE@ Manager.

  • Permissions

Why can't I select other permissions?

Regular LINE Login users can only use the "Profile" permission by default. If you'd like to use other permissions, please submit a proposal on the LINE Partner website.

  • Media

Why aren't the images in my imagemap message displaying properly?

Make sure that your image URLs follow the correct format as specified in the imagemap documentation quoted below. Note that the image will not display if you add a filename extension to the URL such as https://example.com/images/cats/700.png.

To use an imagemap, you must include URLs with the image width (px) at the end of the base URL so that the client can download the image at the required resolution.

For example, if the base URL is, https://example.com/images/cats the URL for a client device to download a 700px image would be https://example.com/images/cats/700.

  • iOS

Why do I get an NLChannelGatewayErrorDomain error when I try to use LINE Login in my application?

NLChannelGatewayErrorDomain errors (for example, NLChannelGatewayErrorDomain Error 102) can occur if there are incorrect or missing settings in the console.

If your iOS application is getting this error, confirm the following items:

  • The iOS bundle ID is registered in the “App settings” section of the console
  • The iOS URL scheme is registered in the “App settings” section of the console
  • The LINE account that you are using to log in with is registered in the “Roles” section of the console
  • Media

Why can't I save or forward videos that are sent from my bot?

You cannot save or forward videos sent from a bot if you are using LINE on iOS or on a version of LINE Android below 7.6.0. Users using LINE Android version 7.6.0 and download, forward, and save videos on Keep.

  • Console

Why can't I receive webhook events?

Your account may not have been set up to allow webhooks. To enable webhooks, select "enable" in the "Use webhooks" option in the "Channel settings" page of the console.

  • Console

Why does my bot automatically send replies?

You may have the "auto reply message" feature enabled. To disable this feature, select "Disabled" under the "Auto reply message" option in the "Channel settings" page in the console.

  • Help

How do I report an issue about the LINE Platform?

You can submit a report here. Please note that we cannot guarantee that we will reply to your message.

  • Media

Why do I only see text when I send template messages?

Template messages are currently only supported on iOS and Android devices. Only the "alt text" will appear for other devices.

  • Group chats

How can I get the name and profile image of a group?

It's not currently possible to get the name and profile image of a group.

  • LINE Platform

How can I get the latest information on the LINE Platform?

Add the LINE Developers LINE@ account as a friend to receive the latest information on the LINE Platform. Add the account by scanning the QR code below or by tapping on the "Add Friends" button below.

Add friend

LINE Developers account QR code

  • Media

How can I get the image of a sticker that a user sends to my bot?

Unfortunately, it's not possible to get the image of stickers sent by users. You can only get the packageId and stickerId values for stickers sent by users.

  • Group chats

How do I get the user IDs of the members of a group chat?

User IDs are returned in webhook event objects when a user in a group or room sends a message. For more information, see webhook event objects. Note: Users must be using LINE version 7.5.0 or higher and have agreed to the Official Accounts Terms of Use.

  • Beacon

How can I use the `banner` value of the `beacon.type` property as shown in the beacon event object documentation?

The "Beacon Banner" feature is only available to people using the "Business Connect" plan. If you are interested in using this feature, please make an inquiry through the LINE Partner website.

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What can I do with LINE Login?

Use LINE Login to allow your users to create an account and log in to your app using their LINE credentials.

  • LINE@ Manager

How can I display a rich menu in the chat?

Rich menus let users send text or URLs by tapping an image on a menu in the chat.

You can display a rich menu by going to the "Rich menu" page under the "Create rich content" page in the LINE@ Manager. Click "Create New" to design the rich menu by uploading images to the LINE@ Manager and mapping them to text or URLs.

  • Group chats

Why can't I invite my bot to a group chat?

In the Channel settings page of the console, make sure that the "Allow bot to join group chats" option is enabled. Also note that only one bot can be in a group chat at one time. You cannot invite a bot to join a group or room which already has a bot.

  • Beacon

How do I get a LINE Beacon?

You can purchase a LINE Beacon from this beacon shop website.

  • Group chats

Can I get events for when a user joins or leaves a group?

No. Events are not sent when a user joins or leaves a group or a room that your bot is in. The join and leave webhook events are delivered only when your bot joins a group or a room.

  • Login button

How do I use the LINE Login button?

To use the LINE Login button, follow the guidelines on the LINE Login button page.

  • Plans

Can I change my account to the Developer Trial plan?

You cannot change an account to the "Developer Trial" plan. To use the "Developer Trial" plan you must create a new account. If you want to use push messages in production, you can use the LINE@ Pro plan. For more information on the types of plans available, see LINE@ plans. Please note that the plans available may vary depending on your country.

  • SSL

Do I need to use SSL on my server?

Yes, you must use SSL on your server. Also note that self-signed certificates are not acceptable. If you encounter issues related to your SSL configuration, you should check that your SSL certificate chain is complete and that your intermediate certificates are correctly installed on your server. To see a list of accepted certificate authorities, see the CA list.

  • SSL

How can I get a user's phone number?

There is currently no way of getting a user's phone number. However, we are planning to release phone scope which will let you ask users to grant permission for that information. We will make an announcement in the News section when that becomes available.

  • Plans

Why can't I send push messages to users?

Your channel may not have the PUSH_Message permission. To send push messages, make sure that your channel has the PUSH_MESSAGE permission displayed in the "Avaliable features" section of the "Channel settings" page in the console. To send push messages, you can use the "Developer Trial" plan or you can select a paid plan that supports push messages. For more information about the type of plans available, see LINE@ plans.

Note: If you are using the "Free" plan, you cannot change your account to the "Developer Trial" plan. You must create a new account.

  • Help

How does auto login work?

When users try to log in to a website with LINE Login, they must enter their registered email address and password into a dialog which is displayed in the browser. However, in certain situations, this process can be skipped when a user is redirected to the login dialog. This is called auto login.

Auto login can be used in the following situations. You do not need to perform any special configurations when implementing LINE Login into your website to use LINE Login.

  • iOS

    • LINE 5.2.0 and higher: Auto login can be used with LINE Login v2 in LINE's in-app browser.
    • LINE 7.5.0 and higher: Auto login can be used with LINE Login v2 in Safari.
    • LINE 7.12.0 and higher: Auto login can be used with LINE Login v2.1.
  • Android

    • LINE 6.3.0 and higher: Auto login can be used with LINE Login v2 in an external browser.
    • LINE 6.4.0 and higher: Auto login can be used with LINE Login v2 in LINE's in-app-browser.
    • LINE 7.14.0 and higher: Auto login can be used with LINE Login v2.1.

Auto login is not supported for devices other than iOS and Android devices; devices where the LINE app is not installed; and for iOS, in browsers other than Safari.

Also, we use iOS's Universal links and Android's Common intents features to perform auto login on external browsers. Please check the official documentation for each OS for information on concepts such as how the dialog is displayed when using these features, on the requirements for the OS when using these features, and on how to disable these features.

  • Help

What are the user ID, group ID, room ID, and one-on-one chat ID values?

The user ID used by the LINE Platform identifies a user and has the following characteristics:

  • The value is generated by the LINE Platform, not by a user. This is different from the LINE ID on the LINE app used to search for friends.

  • Different user IDs are generated based on the provider of the channel. As long as channels have the same provider, regardless of whether the channel is for LINE Login or Messaging API, the same user ID is used for the users of the channels.

  • The user ID value is a string that matches the regular expression, U[0-9a-f]{32}.

The group ID and room ID used for group chats are values generated by the LINE Platform to identify groups and rooms.

The group ID is a string that matches the regular expression, C[0-9a-f]{32}, and the room ID is a string that matches the regular expression, R[0-9a-f]{32}.

In a LINE Front-end Framework (LIFF) app, the one-on-one chat ID (utou ID) is used to identify a one-on-one chat in addition to the three types of IDs mentioned above.

The one-on-one chat ID value is a string that matches the regular expression, UU[0-9a-f]{130}.

  • Rich Menu

I made a rich menu with Bot Designer but it isn't working.

In Chats mode, click on a rich menu from the Rich Menu pane located on the bottom right to activate it.

  • Help

When sending a file saved in Bot Designer, do I need to send the resource files as well?

No. All local resource files are compressed and stored together. You only need to send the IBD file.

Note that files used for file messages are not saved with your project files.

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What are the requirements for installing and running LINE Bot Designer?

The recommended operating system requirements are macOS (Sierra or above) and Windows 10.

LINE Bot Designer is an application running on the Electron framework, and can be installed and run on most operating systems such as macOS, Windows, and Linux. However, we do not provide an installation file for Linux as of yet.

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In Bot Designer, how can I enter messages as a user would?

Click on a visible text box on the Preview pane and manually enter messages using your keyboard.

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In Bot Designer, how can I delete messages from the chat preview?

If you wish to delete messages displayed on the Preview pane, right-click on a message and select Delete from the context menu.

  • Uninstall

How can I remove LINE Bot Designer from my computer?

macOS: Remove LINE Bot Designer from the Applications folder.

Windows: Remove LINE Bot Designer on the Uninstall a program menu on the Control Panel.

  • Permissions

Check if you have included "http://" or "https://" in the URL. The link must be in the same URL format as used on browsers.

Message actions will work normally when added to the chat in Chats mode.

The actual LINE chatbot only accepts URLs starting with "https://" in order to ensure security. LINE Bot Designer does not have this limitation in order to encourage the creation of any chatbot prototype.

  • Help

Why do you collect usage information through LINE Bot Designer?

We collect usage information to examine frequent user patterns and discover errors in order to provide a better service.

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Can I send Pie messages created with Bot Designer from an actual LINE chatbot?

No. Pie messages can only be used for testing various scenarios.

  • Rich Menu

Where is the rich menu template provided by LINE@ Manager in Bot Designer?

The template is not provided on LINE Bot Designer.

However, you can configure various properties by creating rich menus in Bot Items mode.

  • Help

Where can I download LINE Bot Designer?

You can download LINE Bot Designer from the LINE Bot Designer page on the LINE Developers site. You will be able to download after agreeing to the terms of use.

  • Permissions

Can I create bots using LINE Bot Designer?

No. LINE Bot Designer lets you design a bot, but it does not yet let you create a working version of your design. However, the JSON code generated when creating a message can be used to create an actual bot.

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In Bot Designer, how can I display messages created in Bot Items mode on the chat screen?

You can view a list of messages you created on the Bot Messages pane in Chats mode.

You can send individual messages from the Bot Messages pane according to your current scenario. Sent messages can be checked on the Preview pane.

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Which files should be included in Pie messages in Bot Designer?

Pie message is a new feature that can implement interactive messages that are not supported by LINE chatbots. You can use Pie messages by attaching files created in ProtoPie.

For more information on ProtoPie, see https://www.protopie.io.

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Where can I sign up for a LINE Bot Designer account?

You can use your existing LINE account to log in.

  • Permissions

Can I add sticker messages in Bot Designer?

Yes, you can use the provided stickers.

  • Permissions

How can I report bugs found in LINE Bot Designer?

Select the Submit Feedback button on the Help menu and submit a bug report. We will investigate the matter once we receive the report.

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What kind of information do you collect through LINE Bot Designer?

We do not collect personal information of any kind. We only collect data on how users are using LINE Bot Designer. For example we collect data such as types of messages used, and number of chats created.

  • Help

I want to change my project name in Bot Designer.

You can change the name from Project Setting under the File menu.


  • macOS: Command + I
  • Windows: Ctrl + I
  • Console

Can I delete the bot for my LINE@ account?

You cannot disable the Messaging API for your LINE@ account once the API is enabled. To delete the bot, you need to delete the LINE@ account.