Using beacons

With LINE Beacon, your bot can receive beacon webhook events whenever a LINE user enters or leaves the proximity of a beacon. Using beacons, you can customize your bot to interact with users in specific contexts.

Note: LINE Beacon is available in Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand. If you'd like to use LINE Beacon, see the LINE Partner website.

Getting a beacon

To use LINE Beacon, you'll first need a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon to link with your bot. You can link one of the following types of devices with your bot.

  • A beacon device that supports LINE Beacon. Supported devices are available here. Note: These devices are only supported in Japan.
  • A BLE device that uses the LINE Simple Beacon specification.

Linking your bot with a beacon

To link your bot with a beacon, go to the beacon registration page on the LINE@ Manager. You can either link a LINE Beacon supported device with your bot or issue a LINE Simple Beacon hardware ID for a device.

Note: You can link multiple beacons with a single bot. However, a single beacon cannot be linked with multiple bots.

Receiving webhooks

For your bot to receive beacon webhook events when a user is detected by the beacon, the user must have bluetooth and the LINE Beacon setting on the LINE app turned on. The user must also have also added a your bot as a friend.

To trigger a beacon webhook event, follow these steps.

  1. Make sure that your smartphone has bluetooth turned on
  2. Select Use LINE Beacon from Settings > Privacy on the LINE app
  3. Make sure that the beacon is turned on and bring your smartphone into its range
  4. Confirm that your bot receives a beacon event object

Example beacon event object


For more information, see beacon event.

Beacon banner

The beacon banner feature is only available to enterprise users. If you are interested in using the beacon banner feature, submit a proposal on the LINE Partner website.

The beacon banner is a banner that appears above the "Friends" or "Chats" screen when a user is detected by a beacon. With the beacon banner feature, you can let users turn on "LINE Beacon" on the LINE app, add your bot as a friend, and receive a message from your bot by tapping on the banner.

Beacon banner

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