Dummy friends

Note: The dummy friends features is only available for enterprise users (LINE partners). For more information on becoming a partner, please submit an inquiry or a proposal at the LINE Partner website.

When developing an application, you will need to simulate various situations to obtain test data. As your application is going to be interactive with many users, you will need the ability to simulate the Friend List API returning many users.

The Dummy Friends feature lets you do that.

What are dummy friends?

When you turn on the Dummy Friends feature, the following data is included in the results of the Friend List API:


You can specify the number of people to add to the friend list. For example, if you specify "50" as the number, 50 dummy friends will be added to the actual friend list.

To turn on/off and configure the Dummy Friends feature:

  1. Assign a user the CHANNEL_EDITOR or DEVELOPER role
  2. Open the configuration page for the Dummy Friends feature
  3. Turn on/off the feature and specify the number of dummy friends

Assigning user roles

The user who you want to apply the Dummy friends feature to must either be a CHANNEL_EDITOR or DEVELOPER. If you are a CHANNEL_EDITOR of your Channel, you can assign users who you want to apply the Dummy Friends feature to with the CHANNEL_EDITOR or DEVELOPER roles. If you are not a CHANNEL_EDITOR, you will need to make a request to another user who is a CHANNEL_EDITOR.

For more information, refer to Role management.

Opening the configuration page

To open the configuration page for the Dummy Friends feature:

  • Select the Channel you want to manage from the list of Channels
  • Click Dummy friends

Turning on/off the Dummy Friends feature

Users who are CHANNEL_EDITORS or DEVELOPERS are listed on the configuration page. To turn on/off this feature for specific users, select the checkbox on the corresponding row.

Specify the number of dummy friends you want from the drop-down menu next to the checkbox. This is valid only when the checkbox is selected.

Note: User must be authenticated and authorized again for this feature to become active.