Using mission stickers

Your application can send mission stickers to individual users via the Mission Sticker API. This page explains what mission stickers are and how to use them.

What are mission stickers?

Mission stickers are stickers that are made available to users only when they accomplish specific “missions”.

Missions (such as adding your official account as a friend or buying a specific product) are defined by your application. Your application calls the Mission Sticker API from the server when a user accomplishes the mission.

Sending mission stickers


  • Register for a channel ID and get a channel secret on LINE Developers. ([channelID])
  • Register your server’s IP address or network address on the Channel Console.
  • Get permission to call the Mission Sticker API.
  • Get the MID string of your official account. (Contact your LINE representative to get the MID string)


Endpoint URL
HTTP method POST
Required request header X-Line-Trusted-User-With-ACL: MID string of the your official account
X-Line-ChannelId: Channel ID
X-Line-ChannelSecret: Channel secret

The POST Event API is called to send mission stickers.

to MID of target user. This field must contain only one MID.
toChannel 1359301715 Fixed value.
eventType "135849973106737403" Fixed value.
content.packageId Package ID of sticker.
content.isPresent false. Fixed value.

Example request

POST /v1/events HTTP/1.1
X-Line-Trusted-User-With-ACL: OA_MID_STRING
X-Line-ChannelId: CHANNEL_ID
X-Line-ChannelSecret: CHANNEL_SECRET

    "to": ["USER_MID"],
    "toChannel": 1359301715,
    "eventType": "135849973106737403",
    "content": {
        "packageId": "STICKER_PACKAGE_ID",
        "isPresent": false


If successful, the following response is sent. If an error occurs, the MID specified in the to property is displayed in the failed property.

    "messageId": "BE1502-10350000010",
    "timestamp": 1376377919094,
    "version": 1,
    "failed": []


If the user cannot get the mission stickers even though the API call was successful, confirm the following:

  • Confirm that the mission stickers information (release date, channel ID, country) is correct.
  • Confirm that the user’s country matches the sticker set’s country.
  • Confirm that the user does not already have the stickers.