Channel registration

Technical configuration

Note: This feature is only available for enterprise users (LINE partners). For more information on becoming a partner, please submit an inquiry or a proposal at the LINE Partner website.

After filling out your Channel's basic information, enter the required technical information for your Channel Web Application.

Opening the technical registration page

To open the technical configuration page, follow the steps below:

Open the technical registration page


Select the Channel you want to configure.



Click Technical configuration.



Click EDIT at the bottom of the page.


Entering technical information

Fill in the following fields for your Channel Web Application.

Field Description
Entry URL Entry URL for your Channel Web Application. The LINE app opens this URL in the browser.
Domain whitelist List of domains other than the entry URL domain that can be opened in your Channel Web Application. Domains must use HTTPS and cannot include paths.
Pages not on the domain whitelist are opened in another web browser application.

Note: The domain of the entry URL opens in your Channel Web Application.


After filling out all the fields, click SAVE. The settings will take effect immediately.