Note: This feature is only available for enterprise users (LINE partners). For more information on becoming a partner, please submit an inquiry or a proposal at the LINE Partner website.

The JavaScript SDK is used in web applications which run in the WebView component of LINE. These applications are called Channel Web Applications. This section explains how to develop Channel Web Applications.

Available features

Features of the JavaScript SDK.

Note: Channel Web Applications and the JavaScript SDK are only available to partners who are using Business Connect.

LINE integration

Channel Web Applications run in the WebView component of LINE.

User authentication

LINE passes the user's information when your Channel Web Application is launched.

Calling APIs

You can integrate your application with LINE using APIs provided by the JavaScript SDK.

Where can the JavaScript SDK be used?

The JavaScript SDK is only used with Channel Web Applications.

To use the LINE Login feature, use the login process described on Web Login.

Developing your application

To develop a Channel Web Application with the JavaScript SDK, follow the steps below:

Develop a Channel Web Application


Register your application as a Channel on the Channel Console.
Channel registration Technical configuration


Develop your Channel Web Application.
Developing Channel Web Applications


Use APIs from your Channel Web Application with the JavaScript SDK or REST APIs.
Title Bar control JavaScript SDK API reference


Test your Channel Web Application.
Dummy friends Role management


Publish your Channel Web Application.
Publishing applications