Channel registration

Channel registration

Note: This feature is only available for enterprise users (LINE partners). For more information on becoming a partner, please submit an inquiry or a proposal at the LINE Partner website.

You must register your application as a Channel to use the features on the LINE platform.


How to become a CHANNEL_CREATOR

If you would like to become a Channel Creator, go here.


What's a "Channel"?

On the LINE Platform, all services (applications, games, tools, websites) are called Channels. Once your Channel has been registered and approved, you will be issued a Channel ID and will be able to use APIs and other features. Your Channel must have a name, a description (supporting i18n), and icon images that describe your service for users.

Channel ID 1234567890
Description Let's play along with "BROWN"!

Every Channel has a status: PENDING, DEVELOPING, PUBLISHED and DELETED. Newly registered Channels are set to PENDING. When a Channel is approved, its status changes to DEVELOPING. The status changes to PUBLISHED when development is completed. Finally, closed Channels are set to DELETED.

  1. PENDING Just registered
  2. DEVELOPING Only developers can use the Channel.
  3. PUBLISHED All users can access the Channel.
  4. DELETED The Channel has been closed.

Registering Your Channel

To register your application as a Channel, follow the steps below.

Open the Registration Page

Open the Registration Page


Click Channels.



Click Add a new Channel.


If you do not have any Channels registered, the registration page will open automatically after completing step 2.

Fill in the Required Information

Fill in the required information for your application. Descriptions of each field are as follows:

Field Description
Name (English) Name of your application. Names are case-sensitive (“LINE” is all in uppercase letters). Must be in English.
Description (English) Description displayed in the Authorized Apps section on LINE. Must be in English.
Application type Select the application types (one or more) that apply for your app. For Channel Web Applications, select IN_APP_WEB.
Application icon A regular square image file. Upload two differently sized versions (80×80 and 256×256) of your image file. The image must be in the PNG format. If your image has rounded corners, it must include a transparent background.
Mission sticker Select this option to have a LINE sticker set that you can award to users for accomplishing special missions.
Allowed permission Select the minimum level of permissions required for your Channel.
Provider Publisher of your application. This is displayed on the permissions page.
Partner Name of your company.
Contact Mailing List Address Email address where the latest news and announcements from LINE will be sent.
Expected release date Expected release date of your application.

If you would like to add support for languages other than English, you can add names and descriptions in the desired languages by clicking ADD NAME AND DESCRIPTION.

Adding Names and Descriptions for Other Languages


Select the language you want to add a name and description for.





Enter the name and description into the newly added fields


Click UPLOAD A FILE to upload your app icon. Clicking this button will open the file browser. Use the file browser to select the image file to upload.

Setting the Application Icon Image





Select the desired image file from the pop-up file browser.



Confirm the app icon image for your application.



After entering the required information for each field, click SAVE at the bottom of the page.

Submitting Your Registration Request

When you have finished filling in all the fields and have clicked SAVE, the status of your registered Channel will change to "PENDING". To complete the registration process, you must submit your registration request.

Submitting Your Registration Request


Click SUBMIT at the bottom of the page.



Write your reason for registration in the Comment section.




LINE staff members will review your registration request according to our policies and guidelines. The result will be sent to you via email. If your Channel is approved, you will be issued a Channel Secret and the status of your Channel will be changed to either DEVELOPING or PUBLISHED based on the information provided. If your Channel is not approved, please submit your registration request again after correcting any issues pointed out by LINE staff members.