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Role management

The LINE Platform provides many features for developing applications integrated with LINE. But for security reasons, only registered users with certain roles can access them on the Channel Console.

Role types

There are three types of roles.

Role name Description
CHANNEL_CREATOR User who can use all features including creating new Channels
CHANNEL_EDITOR User who can manage assigned Channels
DEVELOPER User who can access APIs through the LINE Platform

The CHANNEL_CREATOR can use all features found on LINE Developers including creating new Channels. When a CHANNEL_CREATOR creates a new Channel, the user will automatically be given the CHANNEL_EDITOR role for the new Channel.

Users with the CHANNEL_EDITOR role can:

  • Edit Channel information: Channel name, description, icon images, technical specifications.
  • Manage link message templates: Add, edit, and delete link message templates.
  • Manage server IP addresses: Register server IP addresses or network addresses. (Certain APIs cannot be accessed from the client SDK directly).
  • Use test data: Configure test data. Use dummy friends.
  • Manage roles: Assign other users the CHANNEL_EDITOR role or DEVELOPER role. Other users can accept or decline.

The DEVELOPER role is for developers who are coding and testing the application. DEVELOPERS can use the LINE Platform to perform the authentication and authorization process and to use APIs. When the status of the Channel is DEVELOPING, only CHANNEL_EDITORS and DEVELOPERS can use APIs.

Assigning user roles

To assign the CHANNEL_EDITOR role or DEVELOPER role to other users:

  1. Open the role management page
  2. Fill out the information of the user who you want to assign a role
  3. Wait for user to accept the invitation which will be sent by email

Open the role management page

Open the role management page in your web browser.

  1. Select the Channel you want to manage from the list on the left
  2. Click Roles

Invite a user

To invite other users and assign them roles, the following information is required:

  • User’s LINE ID
  • User’s full name (must be in English)
  • User’s official email address (cannot be a personal email address)
  • User’s company
  • Role to be assigned

Fill out the form at the bottom of the page with the required information for the user who you want to invite. Then, click ADD NEW USER.

Note: An invitation is sent to the user by email when the form is submitted and the user will be listed as PENDING.

User accepts invitation

The user you invited must accept your invitation before the role is assigned. After you have submitted the form to invite a user to your Channel, an email containing a link will be sent. The user accepts your invitation by clicking on the link and will then be assigned the role you specified.

If the assigned role is CHANNEL_EDITOR, the user will be able to log in to the Channel Console. If the assigned role is DEVELOPER, the user can be authenticated and authorized in the application.

Deleting user roles

Users who have the CHANNEL_EDITOR role can manage roles. They can invite new users and also delete roles of other users of the Channel.

To delete the role of another user, click DELETE next to the user in the assigned user list table.