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Publishing applications

To make your application available to all users, you must submit a request to publish your application.

What’s the status of my Channel?

Every Channel has a status: DEVELOPING or PUBLISHED. Newly created Channels are set to DEVELOPING. Once development is completed, you can make a request to have your Channel published. The status will be changed to PUBLISHED, once your request is approved.

  1. DEVELOPING Only developers can use the Channel
  2. PUBLISHED All users can use the Channel

Changing the status of your Channel

To change the status of your Channel to PUBLISHED, follow the steps below.

Change the status of your Channel


Go to the basic information page of your Channel in the Channel Console



Click EDIT at the bottom of the page



In the status field, select PUBLISHED



Click SAVE


Publishing checklist

To make the review process as smooth as possible, check that your application complies with the following items before submitting your request.

Item What to check
Name and description
  • Does not mislead users into thinking the app is affiliated with LINE
  • Does not include words like “test” or “trial”
App icon
  • App icon uploaded
  • Does not mislead users into thinking the app is affiliated with LINE
Login button
  • Screenshots of the LINE login screen uploaded
  • LINE login button uses the correct LINE colors
  • “LINE” is in uppercase characters
  • Complies with the LINE Login button usage guidelines.
Technical configuration
  • All required fields in the technical configuration completed for the corresponding application type(s)
      Android: “Android package name”, “Package signature”
      iOS: “iOS bundle ID”, “iOS scheme”
    • WEB: “Callback URL”
Usage guidelines

Submitting your request

Submit your request for review by following the steps below.

Submit your request


Click SUBMIT at the bottom of the basic information screen to open up a dialog box

submit button


Upload screenshots and relevant information for your application

submit review


Review all of the items in the publishing checklist



submit review

LINE representatives will review your request according to our policies and guidelines. The result will be sent to you by email. If your request is approved, your Channel’s status will be changed to PUBLISHED. If your request is not approved, submit your request again after addressing the issues pointed out by the LINE representatives.