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Creating a Channel

To use the features on the LINE Platform, you first need to create a Channel for your Android app.

What’s a Channel?

On the LINE Platform, all services (applications, games, tools, websites) must belong to a Channel. Once you have created a Channel, you’ll be issued a Channel ID and will be able to use APIs and other features. Your Channel must have a name, a description, and an icon image.

Channel ID 1234567890
Description Let’s play along with “BROWN”!

There are 2 types of statuses for Channels, DEVELOPING and PUBLISHED. Newly created Channels are set to DEVELOPING. Once development is completed, you can make a request to have your Channel published. The status will be changed to PUBLISHED, once your request is approved.

  1. DEVELOPING Only developers can use the Channel.
  2. PUBLISHED All users can use the Channel.

Creating a business account

Before you can create a Channel, you first need to create a business account.

Create a business account


Go to the Business Center and log in with your LINE account.

If it is your first time logging in, you will be prompted to input your information.


On the main page, click Create Business Account.


Edit the name of your business account and upload an icon image.

Creating a Channel

Once you have a business account, you can create and configure your Channel on the Channel Console.

Go to the Channel Console


Select LINE Login from your business account page.


On the LINE Login page, select Get started to go to the Create Channel page.


On the Create Channel page, fill in the required fields and click CREATE.

  • Description: Description displayed in the Authorized Apps section of LINE.
    Must be in English.
  • Application type: Select the application types that apply for your app.
    For Android apps, select NATIVE_APP
  • Contact mailing list address: Email address where the latest news and
    announcements from LINE will be sent.

If you would like to add support for languages other than English, you can add names and descriptions in the desired languages by clicking ADD NAME AND DESCRIPTION.

Add names and descriptions for other languages


Select the language you want to add a name and description for






Enter the name and description into the newly added fields


Note: To change the name or icon of your Channel, go to the settings page of your business account in the LINE Business Center. The changes will automatically be synced with the Channel Console.

Save your work

After entering the required information for each field, click SAVE at the bottom of the page.